Midibagger TC85
Operation Area

TC85 Crawler Excavator

The Midi crawler excavator TC85 is equipped with an engine of the newest generation; it also has higher digging performance, a further developed hydraulic control for maximum productivity in numerous demanding operations.


Operating Weight Engine Power Digging depth
8,200 - 8,600kg 55.4kW / 75HP 3.91 - 4.52m


Engine Powerful, low-consumption and eco-friendly turbo diesel engine with intercooler, EU Stage III B, EPA Tier 4 final
Transmission Two-speed travel drive with automatic, rapid shifting
Boom Flexibility in daily work by task-specific adjustment of the boom systems: Monobloc boom, Two-piece-articulated boom, Circular boom
Hydraulic system Pump capacity 156l/min standard. LUDV hydraulics for exceptionally 
efficient excavation
Four independent control circuits to operate all common work tools (optional)
Operator’s stand Schaeff Smart Control for efficient work and operation, including Schaeff fingertip control
Support Dozer blade, independent of drive train. Optional float position for efficient leveling
Cab ROPS cab with greater comfort and effortless operation. (FOPS is optional)


Boom options

  • Monobloc boom, with extended dipperstick 2,000mm
  • TPA boom, with dipperstick 2,000mm 
  • Circular boom, with dipperstick 1,650mm

Crawler chain options

  • Rubber crawler track, 450mm wide
  • Steel crawler track, 600mm wide
  • Rubber-coated steel crawler chain 'Roadliner', 450mm wide

Optional support/dozer systems

  • Front dozer blade, 2,480mm wide
  • Front dozer blade, extra-long version

Hydraulic system

  • Second control circuit (e.g. for sorting grab)
  • Third and fourth control circuit
  • Open return
  • Conversion kit from ISO controls to Schaeff controls
  • Float position dozer blade
  • A/B control pattern switch
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for monobloc boom
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for dipperstick (monobloc boom)
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for circular boom
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for intermediate boom and dipperstick (circular boom)
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for extended dipperstick (monobloc boom)
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil / ester-based HLP 68 (Panolin)
  • Hydraulic boom height limitation, monobloc boom
  • Hydraulic boom height limitation, circular boom  


  • Lighting package: 1 double beam working floodlight - cab-mounted rear center, 1 working floodlight cab-mounted - front right
  • FOPS - skylight guard
  • Additional boom-mounted working floodlight
  • Sliding window on right-hand side
  • Radio set installation kit
  • Yellow beacon

Operator’s stand

  • Driver's seat MSG 95 (premium version), air damping, extra-high backrest and tilt-adjustable armrests, longitudinal-horizontal suspension, seat and backrest heating, pneumatic lumbar support
  • Klimatronic
  • Thermoelectric cooler

Diesel engine

  • Automatic idle
  • Diesel particulate filter

Other optional equipment

  • Quick-attach system, mechanical (genuine Lehnhoff system), type MS08
  • Quick-attach system, hydraulical (genuine Lehnhoff system), type HS08
  • Hydraulic installation for quick-attach system
  • Anti-theft device (immobilizer)
  • Electrical refueling pump
  • Engine-independent diesel heater with fresh air circulation and timer
  • Additional rear weight, 229kg
  • Special coating / adhesive films

Further informations

Documents Language Size Content
TC85 Brochure English 7 MB Brochure 24 pages, incl. technical specifications