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TL80 Compact Wheel Loader

This successful universal workhorse can be equipped with an enormous selection of attachments. The Schaeff fingertip control allows for finely sensitive work to be performed with the hydraulically driven tools. Such as multi-purpose buckets, sweepers, etc.  In addition, the Schaeff wheel loaders are characterized by articulated steering, oscillating rear axle, comfort cab with excellent view and two doors and the highly proven parallel kinematics. The entire machine is designed for driver comfort and efficient use.


Operating Weight Engine Power Bucket capacity
4,900kg 46.2kW / 63HP 0.8 - 1.2m3


Engine Transverse-mounted turbocharged diesel engine (EU Level V, EPA TIER IV), high performance, minimized fuel consumption, low emissions
Transmission Hydrostatic travel drive, high traction power, infinitely variable speed control by driving automatics, optimum driving performance in all ground conditions, wear-free braking
Hydraulic system Powerful hydraulics, high lifting and ripping forces
Fork lift operation Excellent parallel kinematics for synchronized parallel operation of bucket and fork lift attachment over the entire lifting height
Cab Steel cab with perfectly designed operator's stand. Excellent all-round visibility
Operating controls Ergonomically designed controls for comfortable operation
Traction Self-locking differentials provide excellent traction
Articulated steering Single pin articulated joint provides a more stable platform and less need for adjustments and maintenance
Service Convincing serviceability, long maintenance intervals
Attachments Wide range of proven working tools



  • General-purpose bucket
  • Earth bucket
  • Light-material bucket
  • Side-dump bucket
  • High-tip bucket
  • Multi-purpose bucket
  • Quarry bucket
  • Compost bucket

Other front attachments

  • Front ripper with 4 prongs
  • Fork carrier
  • Forks
  • Load hook, attachable on fork arms
  • Load hook integrated in quick-attach system
  • Crane jib with rigid arm
  • Crane jib, telescopic (mechanical)
  • Sweeper
  • Snow blade

Further informations

Documents Language Size Content
TL80 Brochure English 3 MB Brochure 20 pages, incl. technical specifications