Yanmar Compact Germany

Yanmar Compact Germany develops, manufactures and distributes compact constructionequipment. We have been part of the Yanmar family since October 2016 and have beentrading under the name Yanmar Compact Germany since January 1, 2017. We are wellpositioned with our factory in Crailsheim and our spare parts center in Rothenburg o. d.Tauber.

Our product portfolio currently comprises more than 20 different models and versions. For our customers, we provide a very extensive and first class sales and service network and, in this way, maintain outstanding contact with our customers.


For us, “Made in Germany” is still the best way to provide our customers with just the high quality, durable and powerful machines they need. 

Our production is extremely customer-oriented - we work quickly and efficiently, exactly according to customer requirements. To ensure the success of our customers, we take continuous improvement very seriously, a concept known as “Kaizen” in the lean terminology. We continuously seek and discover better, more efficient ways to increase the utility for our customers and the quality of our products.

Plant overview

  • Team members:  more than 400
  • Total size:   65,000 square meters
  • Plant:   built in 1978, extended in 2010
  • Portfolio:  Currently: More than 20 different models and versions

Customer benefits in our production

  • Customer-specific production
  • Quick implementation of customer requests and modifications
  • Options are considered as early as the development phase
  • Improved delivery quality  Shorter lead times