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TW110 Compact Wheeled Excavator

Thanks to its precise hydraulic system, the Schaeff TW110 offers enormous lifting capacity that you usually get with far-heavier machines. But the benefits don’t stop there. It’ll transport you to your next job at 36 km/h in option and it has unrivalled stability, thanks to a class-leading axle design. And the digital interface resembles a smartphone. Even better, whatever your sector – maybe landscaping, civil contracting or utilities – we can tailor almost every element of the TW110 to suit your working day.


Logistics when getting to the next site can be expensive and result in downtime. But with the TW110, moving on is painless. You’ll hit the road at up to 36 km/h in option and your journey will be effortless thanks to the variable drive system and comfortable cab. Low fuel consumption will help with your overheads. We’ll also make your life easier with hydrostatic travel drive, which works as an additional braking system, and an additional accelerator pedal for delicate machine movements.


Stability, especially with the boom fully extended, can be an issue in construction. But the TW110’s unique axle design with minimum tail swing, 13° pendulum angle, laterally installed engine and low centre of gravity, you’ll get world-class stability, especially for craning work, giving you confidence and maximising productivity.


More commonly seen on heavy excavators, the articulated boom radically improves performance in lifting, moving and placing loads. This comes from the added articulation, which offers the greatest possible working range. The two-piece boom is suited to high-performance digging work, transport and precise positioning of heavy loads. You have two options:

  • Two-piece articulated boom with 2,000 mm dipperstick – for digging work and precise movement of heavy loads.
  • Two-piece articulated boom with 2,350 mm dipperstick – an even greater reach and excellent working range.


Choose our three steering modes as an optional extra and you’ll get bespoke steering according to whichever function you need at the time. That could be driving on the highway to the next job, working on a small urban job site or moving sideways. Front-wheel steering is perfect for the roads, All-wheel steering gives you a tiny turning circle and crab steering provides parallel movement.


Comfort for the cab operator adds up to less stress and higher productivity. So we’ve put the operator centre-stage with the TW110. It’s spacious and comfortable and the seat console is fully adjustable. The central data display looks just like your familiar smartphone, with its tiled layout, and it’s just as easy to navigate. There’s a well-designed seven-inch anti-reflective screen that’s perfectly positioned and also acts as a monitor for the handy reversing camera.


We’ve done our bit for the planet with an engine that reduces emissions by up to 90%, including nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and fine dust. It’s an EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4 Final engine that achieves this through an improved combustion and injection system, a diesel-oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic reduction. We’ll also save your fuel costs with an auto-idle function. With four independent hydraulic circuits, the TW110 can also take attachment tools such as an asphalt cutter, sorting grab or cutting unit.


Want to maximise productivity? You’ll need our Smart Control operating system, which comes as standard on the TW110. You’ll be able to match excavator power with precise job-site application. This gives you the flexibility not only to get more work done, but also to optimise cycle times and guarantee outstanding performance.


You work in a specialist industry, maybe landscaping, as a civil contractor, in utilities or for a local authority. So shouldn’t your choice of equipment reflect that? We can help. You can configure the TW110 to meet your precise requirements. You can specify everything from the colour scheme to the choice of boom, blade/tyres, buckets and hydraulic attachments. So you maximise productivity and move on to the next job faster.


When your excavators are out of action, you’re losing money. Servicing is inevitable, but it can wipe out your machines for days. That’s why we’ve made maintenance on the TW110 easy and quick. The central electrics are integrated into the main service compartment. Relays and fuses are accessible from the ground. The service door opens without tools. The hydraulics can be accessed without tilting. And SmartAssist-Direct diagnosis notifies our engineer automatically of maintenance and fault issues.


SmartAssist Remote is Schaeff’s next-generation fleet-management system. It remotely monitors your machinery over the internet, rapidly detecting issues and notifying us of maintenance timings. So you get the quality support and service you need to maximise productivity. You get real-time information and the ability to monitor and manage machines remotely over a PC or smartphone.



  • Diesel engine with diesel particle filter (DPF)
  • Travel drive
  • Front dozer blade, 2500 mm
  • Rear outrigger plates, rubber-coated, oscillating, cranked design
  • Rear support blade, 2500 mm
  • Old rear support blade, 2500 mm
  • Float position front dozer blade
  • Steering change-over in case of blade operation
  • 2 pieces boom, long arm 2350 mm
  • Additional counterweight (+ 350 kg)
  • Proportionnal 4th circuit
  • Hydraulic installation
  • Auto idle
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Provision of hydraulic oil
  • Lighting package
  • LED Lighting package
  • Lighting package LED
  • Boom-mounted working light
  • Boom-mounted LED working light
  • Rotating beacon, attachable, yellow
  • LED rotating beacon, attachable, yellow
  • Socket 13-pole on undercarriage
  • Supplementary set hose-rupture/load-retaining valves for TPA boom, bucket cylinder
  • Trailer coupling (Rockinger)
  • Reinforced generator version 150A


  • Sliding window on right hand side
  • A/B control pattern switch
  • Front dozer blade changeover via rocker switch
  • Bucket control changeover in case of forklift operation
  • Comfort package
  • Air-conditioning
  • Independent diesel heating, with engine block heater
  • MSG 95 Premium sea
  • Headrest suitable
  • Electric refuelling pump
  • Outside rear-view mirror, heatable
  • Document case at driver’s seat
  • Coolbox
  • Additional tool box
  • Holder for operating manual
  • Central greasing
  • Lifting certificate


  • Safety package: anti-theft device
  • Guard for skylight window
  • 2 kg ABC powder fire extinguisher
  • Anti-theft device
  • Electronic anto-theft device, keypad operation
  • Travel alarm for reverse travel
  • Grab transport lock / piped
  • License plate holder with illumination
  • Compliance kit
  • “TÜV” approval (Germany)
  • Security mark Safety stripes
  • Automatic engine Shutdown
  • Special tires
  • Special paint

Further informations

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TW110 Brochure English 5 MB Brochure 20 pages, incl. technical specifications