Kompakt-Mobilbagger TW110
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TW110 Compact Wheeled Excavator

The next generation of the very popular compact wheeled excavator, the TW110 is groundbreaking in comfort, safety and design. The new ergonomic and air-conditioned ROPS cab offers a comfortable work station for the operator. Excellent visibility enhances the precise but powerful operation of this model.


Operating Weight Engine Power Digging depth
11,000 - 12,500kg 85kW / 116HP 4.3 - 4.65m


Engine Powerful, economical, and environmentally friendly engine based on EU Level IV / EPA Tier 4 Final
Drive train Smooth automatic drive and additional accelerator pedal for delicate machine movements
Travel speeds of up to 36kph for fast transfers between jobs
Hydraulic system The working hydraulics are independent of the travel drive. Making power available when and where you need it
4 independent additional control circuits for operating of the standard work attachments
Safety Rear view camera standard
Operator's station Precise work cycles thanks to Schaeff fingertip control



  • Intercooler (STANDARD)
  • Direct electronic fuel injection / common rail (STANDARD)
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Automatic idle
  • Automatic engine shut down
  • Temperature-dependent reversing fan (STANDARD)


  • Two-piece articulated boom (TPA), with dipperstick 2000mm (STANDARD)
  • Two-piece articulated boom (TPA), with dipperstick 2350mm
  • Two-piece articulated boom (TPA), with “Atlas” dipperstick 1850mm


  • All-wheel drive, single-axle steering, 20kph (STANDARD)
  • All-wheel drive, single-axle steering, 25 or 36kph
  • All-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, 20, 25 or 36kph


  • Front dozer blade, 2500mm wide
  • Rear support blade, 2500mm wide
  • Rear outrigger plates, flat (STANDARD)
  • Rear outrigger plates, rubber-coated


  • Twin tires 9.00-20 14PR, with intermediate rings (STANDARD)
  • Single tires 600/40-22.5
  • Single tires 315/70 R22.5


  • LUDV working hydraulics, axial piston pump with load sensing (STANDARD)
  • Control circuit for work attachments with continous operation (STANDARD)
  • Schaeff ‘Fingertip’ control incl. 2nd additional control circuit on left joystick
  • Schaeff ‘Fingertip’ control incl. 2nd & 3rd additional control circuit on left joystick
  • Dozer blade float position
  • Excavator control changeover: ISO-SCHAEFF
  • Excavator control changeover: ISO-SAE
  • Bucket control changeover in case of forklift operation
  • Steering change-over in case of blade operation
  • Hydraulic installation for quick-attach system
  • Open return (STANDARD)
  • Hose-rupture/load-retaining valves f. boom, intermediate boom & dipperstick cylinders (STANDARD)
  • Supplementary set hose-rupture / load-retaining valves for TPA boom, bucket cylinder
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil / ester-based HLP 68 (Panolin)


  • Quick-attach system, mechanical, incl. pins for mounting of quick-attach system (STANDARD)
  • Bucket pins for quick-attach system / Schaeff
  • Bucket pins for direct mounting / Lehnhoff QAS
  • Quick-attach system, mechanical (Lehnhoff) MS08, with load hook
  • Quick-attach system, hydraulic (Lehnhoff) type HS 08, with load hook


  • ROPS steel cab, safety glazing, skylight window, hot water heating, sliding window in cab door, window washing system, working floodlight (STANDARD)
  • Operator’s seat MSG 85, comfort version, hydraulic damping, extra-high backrest, longitudinal-horizontal suspension, mechanical lumbar support (STANDARD)
  • Operator’s seat MSG 95, premium version, air damping, extra-high backrest, longitudinal-horizontal suspension, seat and backrest heating, mechanical lumbar support
  • Sliding window on right-hand side
  • FOPS-Guard for skylight window
  • Independent diesel heating with fresh air circulation and timer
  • 2kg ABC powder fire extinguisher
  • Schaeff coolbox
  • Air-conditioning (Climatronic)
  • Radio installation kit (without radio, incl. speakers)
  • Headrest


  • Rear view camera (STANDARD)
  • Fan guard (STANDARD)
  • Battery disconnector (STANDARD)
  • Option package Lighting: rotating beacon, working floodlight cab-mounted, rear right and front right, working floodlight boom-mounted
  • Option package Safety: immobilizer (coded key), motion alarm, fire extinguisher 2 kg
  • Option package Comfort: MSG 95, auto idling, air-conditioning
  • Additional rear weight, approx. 350kg
  • Anti-theft device (immobilizer)
  • Electrical refuelling pump
  • Boom-mounted working floodlight (also available as LED version)
  • Lighting package: Double beam working floodlight - cab-mounted rear right, working floodlight cab-mounted - front right (also available as LED version)
  • Yellow rotating beacon, attachable (also available as LED version)
  • Back-up alarm, signal-horn
  • Central lubrication system
  • Grab transport lock / piped
  • Outside rear-view mirror, heatable
  • Additional tool box


  • Option package Bucket 1: bucket 600mm / 254l, bucket 1000mm / 477l, swing bucket 1500mm / 371l
  • Bucket, 600mm wide, QAS, capacity 254l
  • Bucket, 1000mm wide, QAS, capacity 477l (max. 1.5t/m³)
  • Swing bucket, 1500mm wide, QAS, capacity 371l (max. 1.24t/m³)


  • Hammer holder, plate without boring, QAS, Schaeff
  • Bolt-on load hook for bucket rod
  • Hammer adapter, type MS 08
  • Fork carrier, QAS, 1240mm wide, ISO 2328, class 2, form B
  • Forks, 1100mm long, 100 x 45mm

Further informations

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TW110 Brochure English 5 MB Brochure 20 pages, incl. technical specifications